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Ping Pong 500 Game


3 to 4 ping pong balls

One player is thrower and stands 15 feet or so from the rest of the players. The thrower calls out a number from 100 to 500 and then bounces the ping pong ball up hard against the floor toward the players. Whoever catches the ping pong ball off the first bounce gets that number of points. If it is picked up off the ground or bounces more, he gets half the points.

First player to 500 gets to become the thrower.

Ping Pong Air Hockey Game


  • Card table
  • Ping Pong ball
  • 2, 4, or 8 players

Put a player on each end of the table or 1 player on each side or 2 players on each side. Place the ping pong ball in the center of the table. The object is to blow the ping pong ball off any side of the table but your own. (If only 2 players, then you must blow it off the far end). You may not touch the ping pong ball or table with any body part or clothing.

Score 2 points if the ping pong ball falls off your side of the table. Score 1 point if you touch the ping pong ball or table. The player or team with the lowest score after a time limit is the winner.

Ping Pong Football Game


This Game should be played inside


  • Ping pong ball
  • Chalk or tape


Draw or tape two parallel lines on the floor about 18-24 inches apart

Make two teams. Each team kneels behind their goal line. The leader places a ping pong ball between the two goal lines. On ’Go‘, each team tries to blow the ball over the opposing goal line. Award a point for each goal.

You may also award penalty shots or penalty points for touching the ball or touching the playing field.


Ping Pong Ball Jail Joke

An engineer, mathematician, and a physicist were all locked in 3 separate jail cells, with adequate lighting and clean air. In order for them to be released, they each had to retrieve a ping pong ball that was inside the bottom of a verticle pipe protruding from the floor.

The engineer stripped to his underwear. Then he ripped his clothes to shreds. Finally, he tied each individual thread together to make a super long rope. By the time he was finished, he forgot why he did this.

The physicist immediately grabbed the pole with his hand. Then, he started shaking it back and forth as fast as possible, hoping to match the pole's resonance frequency. Needless to say, this didn't work.

The mathematician, pleased that he had a nice quiet room in which he can pursue his math, sat down, forgot about the ping pong ball, and began to think about math problems. Soon enough, he had to use the bathroom. Not wanting to ruin the nice study area which he has been afforded, he decides to tinkle in the pipe. The ping pong ball slowly rises as his urine fills the pipe. The now satisfied mathematician tosses the ping pong ball aside, sits back down and resumes thinking about his math problems.

Magician Ping Pong Ball Riddle

A magician claimed that he could throw a ping pong ball, have it come to a complete stop, and then have it come back to him. It wasn't attached to anything, and it did not come into contact with ANYTHING at all, yet he achieved what he said he could do. How did he do it?


The Magician thew the ping pong ball above him in the air.

Ping Pong Ball Drop Gag

This gag is good for someone who has lots of cupboards in their house, preferably in the kitchen. If your friend has opaque cupboard doors (not glass), then fill a box that will fit on one of the shelves with ping pong balls.

With one side of the box open, place this side up against the open cupboard door, carefully closing the door. Now you can either wait in the other room or leave the premises all together as your friend is sure to tell you of the ping pong balls raining down from the cupboards.

What did one ping pong ball say to the other ping pong ball?

”See you round.”